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Grin Creative - An ad agency for nonprofits
A bread apart.

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Grin Creative specializes in branding, advertising, and cause related marketing

About Us - The firm

Grin Creative is a cause marketing firm, providing branding, advertising, and marketing solutions that are unique and focused for non-profit organizations.

Our firm provides a variety of professional services, with an emphasis on the special needs of the non-profit sector.

The basis for establishing the firm was the understanding that non-profits are essentially different then businesses, and as a result, their target audiences are different as well: charitable foundations, government agencies, volunteers, the general public, etc. 

Our professional service package includes various complementary services and products:

  • Branding, positioning, and differentiation of the organization and its services
  • Copywriting and writing of marketing content
  • Unique promotional materials
  • Building and managing websites and various other interactive services
  • Recruiting resources and collaborations for social projects and endeavors
  • Developing and promoting joint projects between the private and non-profit sectors
  • Promoting public relations on a local and national scale
  • Marketing consultancy and writing of marketing plans
  • And more
Grin Creative was established by Roni Green, an expert in the field of cause marketing and advertising. Our team is comprised of marketing, creative, and art professionals, advising our clients throughout the work process. 

About Us - Roni Green

Education and Professional Courses
  •  Master of Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University of The Negev, specializing in non-profit organization management
  • Bachelor of Arts Marketing Communications from Sapir College
  • Animation, design and post-production at Hasifa School for Media, television, and multimedia at The Open University
  • Social leadership at Berl Katzanelson Foundation
  • Workshops and courses on the subject of social marketing, resource recruitment, volunteer management, etc

Lecturer and Researcher at higher education institutions

  • Corporate Responsibility in Israeli Business - The Center for Third-Sector Studies at Ben-Gurion University
  •  Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in Business - The MBA program at College of Management
  • Non-profit Management - Guilford Glazer School of Management at Ben-Gurion University
  • Public Relations in The Third Sector - The Israeli Center for Management
  • Workshops on the subject of social marketing
Professional and Volunteer experience in The Third-Sector
  • Marketing and recruiting manager for the South region at Ayalim Association for the settlement of the Negev and the Galilee
  • Instructor at the Perach program for children of prisoners
  • Participant in the Young Leadership Program of Berl Katzanelson and Sapir College
  • Life story documentation at Amcha Association of Beer Sheva
  • Graphic design Instructor at Soroka hospital
  • Mentor for a foster family at Enosh Association in Sderot
  • English tutor at Club 51 for Ethiopian Youths
  • Operation and Management of a rehabilitative animal on Kibbutz Gevim
  • Recruiting coordinator at Adi, the association for organ donations
  • Art Instructor at the kindergarten of the American School in Japan
  • Tutor at Enosh Association occupational and social club
About Us - Corporate Responsibility

At Grin Creative, we believe in taking social and corporate responsibility while being actively involved in the community. These values are embodied in our professional work and in the spirit of our office.

Employee Volunteering
Grin Creative employees are encouraged to volunteer at an organization of their choice, their time being subsizied by Grin. Being socially active strengthens our involvement in the world of non-profit organizations and enriches our knowledge and experience in the field, as well as strengthening our ties with our local community.

Eco Friendly Office
Along with social values, caring for the environment is an important part of our business vision. Sorting and recycling office waste and energy and water conservation, are all expressions of environmental values on a day-to-day basis.

Reenforcing our equal opportunity policy, our office is fully accessible to physically disabled employees, clients, and suppliers.

Preference of Social Suppliers
We prefer to socially friendly suppliers. To this end, we cooperate several relevant non-profit organizations. One example is "The Non-Profit Blessing", a Grin Creative promotional product, made at a center for Autistic adults.

Grin Creative in the media
Contests and Awards
  • Green Course reusable bag design contest – winner
  • The Marker 2009 Entrepreneur of The Year contest – participant
  • The Marker Café logo design contest - participant

Grin Creative is a branding, advertising, and cause related marketing firm, specializing in creative services, focused and unique for non-profit organizations.

Flip through our portfolio to receive an impression of our previous works, among them advertising campaigns, branding and positioning, informational materials, websites, marketing and promotional products, copywriting, marketing content, and more.

Branding and Positioning

The client: The Center for Business Development Beer Sheva
The job: re-branding - logo design, production of stationary and a variety of informative material, website construction

The client: Orot Israel Institute
The job: re-branding - logo design, writing informational content in English and Hebrew, production of brochures and presentations

The client: Shemesh Association
The job: logo design

The client: Shvedron Farm
The job: logo design

The client: B. N. Aluminium Ltd.
The job: logo design, production of stationary, folders and advertising materials

The client: Oron
The job: logo design and stationary

The client: Tsirim Bamerkaz (Youth at The Center)
The job: logo design

The client: Beit Moriah
The job: logo design, production of a variety of advertising materials, internet newsletters

The client: Bergamo Cooling Industries Ltd.
The job: logo design and corporate stationary

Art and Interactive

The client: Civic Leadership
The job: internet newsletters

The client: The Mendel Center for Leadership in the Negev
The job: writing and designing an organization profile

The client: Shemesh Foundation for the Encouragement of Young Entrepreneurs
The job: Production of an annual contest

The client: Kay College
The job: website construction

The client: Israeli Center for Third-Sector Research at Ben-Gurion University of The Negev
The job: designed a publication catalog

The client: Ramat Hanegev Regional Council
The job: paper recycling campaign

The client: Nitzana, The Jewish Agency
The job: production of a variety of advertising materials, website construction

The client: Mirage Foundation
The job: designed an organization profile

The client: The Negev Development Authority
The job: production of an interactive presentation

The client: Keidar Center
The job: design of an infomational pamphlet

Creative and Copywriting

The client: The Israel Association of Community Centers
The job: branding, logo design, creating a slogan and content, production of an advertising campaign, a public relations array

The client: Shlomit Association
The job: Calendar production, writing and designing newspaper ads

The client: Egged
The job: design and production of a corporate responsibility report

The client: Eliya Association
The job: design and writing of an organization profile

The client: The Garbage Gang - Students for a Clean Campus
The job: building a slogan, writing content, production fo an advertising campaign

The client: Rehovot city hall
The job: production of a film contest - graphic design, public relations array, resource recruitment, and more

The client: Ben Farhat
The job: business cards

The client: Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
The job: design and production of a coporate responsibility report

The client: Alut Association
The job: designing and writing notes to accompany the association's products

The client: Beit Moriah
The job: building a slogan

Our Clients - Recommendations

Civic Leadership:
"The work process with Grin Creative was an especially pleasant experience. The team was experienced and professional. The service was attentive and efficient and the execution was creative, original, and corresponded with the ideas and goals of the project. Grin [Creative]'s services are unique, as a result of their extensive knowledge in the field of non-profits and NGO's in Israel and, of course, experience and excellence in marketing, branding and advertising." -Einat Galily, content manager at Civic Leadership

Alut - The Israeli Society for Autistic Children:
"The outcome produced by Grin Creative exceeded our wildest expectations: in a small work, they created an impressive and sophisticated design, which catches the eye and complements the products; and added their own unique perspective. The work was pleasant, and the team was attentive to the spirit of ALUT, with a lot of patience and an open mind." -Avishai Katz, ccupational center manager, Alut Beer Sheva

Ayalim Foundation:
"We work with a lot of service providers, among them advertising firms, but Grin Creative knows the field work itself and knows how to supply creative solutions, even with tight schedules." -Moshe Kakun, Head of Placement and Alumni at Ayalim Foundation

The Israel Association of Community Centers:
"I'd like to personally thank you for being available after work hours, for the patience and receptiveness (which are not taken for granted), for the thoughtful mind, and for the gentleness. I had fun working with you." -Etty Gilboa, Marketing Manager, The Israel Association of Community Centers

Cafe Yael:
"Despite working under a tight schedule and lacking instructions, Grin Creative met the deadline professionally and creatively. I felt that they put a lot of thought into the work. For that, I am thankful, and we would be happy to continue our cooperation." -Yehuda Fleisher, Manager, Cafe Yael, part of Elem association

Ramat Hanegev Regional Council:
"I was very pleased with the work, and the design met my expectations. The cooperation and adherance to the schedule showed professionalism. -Hila Ackerman, Coordinator, the environmental unit of Ramat Hanegev Regional Council

Enosh - The Israeli Association for Mental Health, Sderot office:
"Enosh Sderot Association has been working in cooperation with Grin Creative for the past six months. During this period we received professional and courteous service. We received continuing assistance, with the highest attention paid to fitting the products to our needs. The work with Grin Creative was done with the utmost flexibility and pleasant personal service. We intend to continue working with Grin Creative, and we appreciate the young, professional, and innovative entrepreneurship that this firm provides." -Esty Diskin, Enosh Sderot

Keren Shemesh Foundation:
"We have been working with Grin Creative for the past two years to produce designs and marketing materials for our operation. The warm disposition, the undrstanding, the professionalism, and performance of the team are what allows us the certainty that the response to our work requirements will always be immediate, positive, and cordial. We would be happy to continue our cooperation on professional matters!" -Al Goodman, CEO Keren Shemesh Foundation

Nitzana Rural Education Community - The Jewish Agency:
"I've been working with and for ad agencies for 12 years, and very rarely did I smile until I reached Grin Creative - the service, the products, the way... I smile every time!" -Michal Limon, Manager, Instruction and Hospitality department, Nitzana

"A firm with an attentive social heart, friendly and pleasant, because sometimes graphics and design go beyond just graphics and design, and you know how to do that best of all." -Eden Fox and Rami Stoitzki, Founders of Meurav

Beit Moriah:
"When we decided to rebrand our organization, we we're privileged to work with Roni and the Grin Creative professional team. The team led us step by step on a fascinating journey of contemplation, with professionalism and warmth, with speed and determination; this helped us to define ourselves better and from that, to build an image and professional line, integrative yet subtle. For anyone looking for a guide in the forest of branding, Grin Creative is your address." -Shmaia Berkowitz, CEO Beit Moriah

Essays and Presentations - coming soon

Contact us

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